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Reencountering with old friends, having a good, deep conversation about life, what the future holds for us, is my top of the list thing I love in this life. Daydreaming of beach days. Listening to the waves while I take a little nap. A cold beer in the sun is. The foam from the coffee. Listening to grate music while I drive to feel like I'm infinite and fully at peace. Sunny days in winter. Taking a shower every morning. That moment when you realize you have connected so well with someone.

I have been photographing life since I was 18. I was the typical friend who was always taking photos on every party, on every gathering and every moment.

That ended up developing into a passion for capturing the essence of a real moment and make it last forever.

I do this because I realised life is so ephemeral, every important moment deserves to be remembered. And I love telling stories, creating beautiful connections with people and make them happy




Why me?

The first this I look for when I'm going to capture a story, is connection. I genuinely care to know about you guys, your story, your interests, what is your love language, what moves you.

When I tell a story, I don't have a pattern in creating photos, to me, every story is different and thats why I want to capture each one of them in a unique way.

Because I believe in love and I believe in weddings. Every honest wedding is important to me. Because it gives energy to the soap bubble I live in. In return, you get my heart and soul in my photos.

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